Hunting has been carried out for quite some time. Hunting used to be carried out in communal lands before civilization. It was carried out as a sport, source of livelihood or even as a ritual. After human civilization, this was regulated and people were only allowed to hunt on specific places. However, people continued to hunt, and this forced the government to enact laws that made sure the activity was not overexploited. This article comes in hand to help assist you understand what hunting in land that is owned by the public requires, and especially birds such as pheasant.

Hunting goes hand in hand with conserving the environment. This could be in game reserves or even other forests where the government policies will require you to ensure that you only engage in the activity that you promised to undertake in the particular area. There are rules and guidelines that need to be put into use to realize maximum benefits of the hunting process.

Some of the steps to take when hunting on public lands are:

Federal Public Lands USAScouting on the area that you want to take your hunting. This involves research in on the number of hunter sin different places that you wish to carry out your mission, and the number of peasants in that particular land. A large number of hunters will mean large competition and hence fewer chances of making a kill in such a case. The opposite is true.

During the scouting period, always ensure you observe features that will lure the pheasants into that area. These might include source of good, water and ideal temperatures for the pheasants to be there.

Don`t underestimate or overestimate an area just because of the size of land. Some large tracts of public land might contain many or few pheasants, depending with the number of hunters available, the availability of food and good habitat. Small lands might also have large number of pheasants if the conditions are favorable, or the opposite.

Carry out your scouting online. You should contact various states websites to clarify on any available land available for hunting. This might save you money and time that you would have spent doing the scouting on your own. The information provided on the online maps is also very useful as it will assist you in case of a dangerous zone within the hunting area.

Always be ready to ask, especially if you are new in the area that you want to hunt. Some people might feel shy or fear to be laughed at if they say they are hunters, and to make the matters worse, pheasant hunting. They dive into the forest without conducting anyone and before they realize it, they will have stepped in restricted areas, bumped into fierce wild animals, met with arrogant hunters or even got lost in the jungle. In this case, they will also roam around but end up with a handful or even no single pheasants .

The hunting process usually takes place in:

  • (a). State land, that includes national forests, wildlife management areas and privately owned lands.
  • (b). Federal lands, such as national forests and wildlife refuges.
  • (c). “Walk-in” areas, that are normally farms owned by farmers, that allows someone to hunt for free, although the government pays the farmers some fee at the end of each year.

Before going out to hunt in public land, you should be aware of these things:

The weather might change at anytime, thus you should be prepared accordingly, such as carrying the appropriate clothes.

You should let you family and friends know your whereabouts incase the worst happened to you. Also, make sure you carry with you maps that will help you locate your movements with ease.

Make sure you look out beyond your target, as you might harm people or other animals that were not prepared.

You must have the license from state offices to allow you hunt, because doing it without a license will be treated as poaching, which is an offense.

Hunting on Bureau of Reclamation lands can be both legal and illegal, depending on whether you had been given the permission to hunt. If you had been, then it becomes legal.

You follow all rules, and hunting will be fun, you mess up the rules, and it becomes a nightmare.